Mission Statement
“To harness the spirit of the volunteer
To train hard and be the best at what we do
To give ourselves freely to our community
To leave no person behind”

Becoming a member of the team is a rewarding process.  All applicants begin with an FBI background check for the safety of the team and those in need of rescue.  The next step in order to deploy is becoming familiar with FEMA and the Incident Command System (ICS).  These online courses (ICS 100, 200) will enable members to attach to other government agencies seamlessly in times of crisis.

At this point, members begin receiving their training and certifications.  Red Rock Search and Rescue (RRSAR) trains to the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) standards.   RRSAR  is a national training center and is capable of certifying members in NASAR standards without the need for traveling.  Members are required to become certified in CPR/ AED/ First Aid and Wilderness First Aid.

Members are encouraged to be licensed by the FCC  and receive their Ham Radio License while learning the importance and efficiency of communication. This skill paired with map reading and orientation is used heavily in the field and even on urban searches.

Our cadre of instructors train members on ropes and knots, map & compass, land navigation, tracking, scene safety, leadership, incident command and missing persons behavior.

Our most important standard is:


Emergency Hotline