Fill out this application if you wish to volunteer for Red Rock Search and Rescue. You can cross train but for now pick your primary focus and select that option.

There are (3) categories of membership.

Field Team – These are our searchers who go out into the field to look for missing people. You will be searching in a variety of settings including urban, wilderness, and mountain settings. You will need a strong constitution and be able to work in various climates.

Command Post –These people work inside our command center during searches doing radio communications, mapping, planning, and accountability. Great position for those unable to go into the field.

Resource Members – Choose to help out behind the scenes in administration, finance, web programming, graphic design, and more.


First Name
Last Name
Address 2your apt. suite number
Zip Code
Cell Phone
Are you at least 18 years of age?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Medical qualifications
Are you an FCC-licensed amateur radio operator?
If yes, what is your call sign and operator class?
Do you speak any languages in addition to English?
If yes, which one(s)?
You will be required to put in at least 60 hours per year (15 per quarter). Are you able to do that?
You will be required to conduct yourself in a manner befitting a member of Red Rock SAR at all times, especially while in uniform and/or during missions. Can you commit to this?
You are required to respond to emails, phone calls, and messages from the command staff and admin departments in a timely manner (generally within 24 hours). Can you commit to this?
Have you ever been a part of a volunteer organization? If so, which one(s):
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Have you served in the military? If so, at what rank and what branch?
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Have you ever volunteered for or worked for EMS? If so, detail your position and experience:
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Have you ever worked for a government agency within Clark County? If so, where?
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Do you have experience driving a trailer, 4 x 4, ATV or large trailer? Please describe:
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How did you hear about Red Rock Search and Rescue?
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What interests you about participation with RRSAR?
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Most of our trainings and meetings occur on evenings and weekends, do you have time in your schedule to attend on those days?
During your first year at RRSAR, you can expect to spend $500 or more on uniforms, certifications, gear, gasoline, and training. Are you willing and able to meet that commitment?
RRSAR is frequently filmed by the media and you may be seen on television or on the internet in the background of a shot. Are you comfortable with this?
Do you have any issues with taking direction from or being trained by members of the opposite sex or those who are younger than you?
Is there anything in your background or experience that you feel would be of particular use to RRSAR?
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Is there anything else that you would like RRSAR to know about you?
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