Fill out this application if you wish to volunteer for Red Rock Search and Rescue.

There are (3) categories of membership.

Field Team – These are our searchers who go out into the field to look for missing people. You will be searching in a variety of settings including urban, wilderness, and mountain settings. You will need a strong constitution and be able to work in various climates.

Command Post –These people work inside our command center during searches doing radio communications, mapping, planning, and accountability. Great position for those unable to go into the field.

Resource Members – Choose to help out behind the scenes in administration, finance, web programming, graphic design, and more.

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Have you ever served in the military?
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What interests you about working with RRSAR?
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Do you have evenings and weekends free for training and searches?
Can you comfortably afford to spend $500-$1000 on gear, equipment, fuel and certifications?
Do you have an Amateur Radio License?
Do you speak other languages besides English?
If yes, Which one(s)?
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