Fill out this application if you wish to volunteer for Red Rock Search and Rescue.

There are (3) categories of membership.

Field Team – These are our “ground pounders” who go into the field to find missing people.  You must be in good physical condition and comfortable searching mountain, desert, wilderness, and urban terrain in all kinds of weather.  You will receive training in all aspects of search and rescue.

Command Post – Command post personnel work at the command center of our operation. They handle team communications, mapping, accountability, safety, scribing, and information processing. This position does not require rigorous physical conditioning and is open to nearly anyone that can work well in a fast-paced environment.

Resource Members – You can also help us behind the scenes.  We need assistance with fundraising, administrative duties, data entry, graphic design, website development, and more.  If you can spare some time, and you have an interest in helping us, we will find something for you to do!

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Have you previously submitted an application to Red Rock Search and Rescue
Are you a former member of any Search and Rescue team
If yes, which one(s)
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Current Occupation
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Were you ever discharged or released from employment?
If yes, for what reason
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Have you ever served in the military?
If so, what branch, and what rank did you achieve?
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Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Do you have any special skills which may be of benefit to RRSAR?
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Have you ever worked for a volunteer organization?
If yes, which organizations and in what capacity?
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Do you have training or certification in any of the following?pick all that apply
How did you hear about RRSAR?
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Why do you want to join RRSAR?
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On average, how many hours per month could you give to RRSAR
Do you have evenings AND weekends free for training and searches?
Can you comfortably afford to spend $500-$700 in your first year on certifications, books, personal gear, equipment, and fuel?
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I understand that if I am selected to join the team and attend SAR 101 I will pay the team a non-refundable administrative fee of $100. I understand that if I fail to complete SAR 101, that this fee is not refundable. I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that any false statements may results in denial and/or termination from the team.
I agree to these terms
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